Delivery & Payment

Delivery in Malta & Gozo

We offer Free Delivery on all orders which cost over €75.

Orders that are below €75 will incur a flat delivery fee of €5.00.

LAB7 carries out local deliveries within 1-3 working days for items in stock.

Payment Method

  • Revolut | BOV Mobile Pay (+35699830891)
  • Paypal (

Delivery in Europe

Our standard delivery is carried out via Maltapost and shipping cost will be calculated at checkout.

We register all the packages and provide the tracking number via email.

If you wish an alternate delivery method, kindly contact us before ordering.

Payment Method

  • Paypal (
  • Revolut (+35699830891)

For deliveries in any country outside Europe or not listed in the Zones or any other queries, kindly visit our Contact Us page and shoot your message! We’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Wrong or incomplete address: If your package is returned to us due to an incorrect or incomplete address, you must pay all delivery cost to re-deliver your order to a corrected address. We are not responsible for the loss of your order if the address provided at checkout is incomplete or incorrect.

Change in Price on Preorder Products

Pre-Order products are those that are not available for sale now, but will be released sometime in the future. These can be found all throughout our site and are denoted by an froly “BackOrder” status and a shipping date on top of the status.

Invariably, due to a number of factors, including FX rate fluctuations, shipping and weight changes/costs and manufacturer’s price changes, the price of a pre-order product may be changed once it arrives and switches to an “In Stock Item”.

These price changes can go both ways, the item may become more expensive, or a price drop may result.

How do we deal with these price changes on pre-order products here at LAB7?

1. If the price increases on arrival – we will still honour the price at the time you made your purchase, regardless of whether you paid in full or simply paid a €100 deposit to secure the piece. This becomes super important on high end items such as Hot Toys, Statues and Replicas where a slight fluctuation in FX rate can have a material impact on the EURO RRP of the piece. So you can be comforted to know that by locking in a pre-order at LAB7, you are locking in that price, at the time you place that pre-order, it will never increase on you upon arrival. However, we do, from time to time, need to increase prices on arrival and those that HAVE NOT pre-ordered the piece will be subject to that new price when it is made “In Stock” on the website. Therefore, PRE-ORDER YOUR STUFF @LAB7!!! It guarantees you reservation of the item and a locked in price in EURO that will never increase on you.

2. If the price decreases on arrival – Yay for you the LAB7 pre-order customer! Why? Because we don’t want you to be disadvantaged by having done the right thing and pre-ordered the product at the higher price. We’ll give that price difference back to you by way of a RYO Points for you to use on a future purchase! It is important to note that we do not refund this price differential in cash.

Thanks for shopping with us at LAB7! Hassle Free Pre-Orders! 


Products like Hot Toys which can be quite expensive and are marked on Backorder are subject to a 50% Deposit. We don’t charge the full price on order. Here at LAB7 value our customers and it’s our priority to be of support to our growing community. For those who would like to support us and throw in the full deposit, the option is available as well for you lovely people!

Once LAB7 receives the deposit for the item, the team will book your item and once in stock you will be notified and the balance due is to be paid. If the customer decides to cancel the order after the deposit and the item is backordered from LAB7, unfortunately the deposit is lost. BUT, there’s a but yes! LAB7 is such an amazing online store that even though the deposit is lost, the team will send you a voucher code worth the deposit lost, how cool is that!?

The voucher code* will not be transferable and bound to your account. Also it’s worth to mention that code will not expire until you availed of it.

* Voucher cannot be exchanged to cash