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Lab7 Ryos

We love our clientele and we want to thank you for your loyalty to LAB7, so our Reward Systems is our gratitude toward you, our loyal customer.
Ryos are earned in the following methods:

  • Earn 250 Lab7 Ryos for creating an online account. 
  • Earn 100 Lab7 Ryos for inviting your friends to join to our growing community.
  • Earn 1 Lab7 Ryos for every €1 spent on our website.

Lab7 Ryos can be redeemed in a number of ways. You can use your ryos for discounts off your orders in the following ways:

  • 250 Lab7 Ryos €2.50 off your next purchase
  • 500 Lab7 Ryos€5 off your next purchase
  • 750 Lab7 Ryos = €7.50 off your next purchase
  • 1000 Lab7 Ryos = €10 off your next purchase
  • 2000 Lab7 Ryos = €20 off your next purchase
  • 3000 Lab7 Ryos = €30 off your next purchase

To track your ryos please visit your ‘My Account‘ section of the website and click on ‘My Ryos‘.

To redeem your Ryos, simply add the amount at checkout.

Ryos earned for product purchases are awarded to you once your order has been processed. If an order is cancelled, the ryos will get deducted.

Disclaimer – Lab7 Ryos

Lab7 Ryos are calculated automatically through the website based on rules relating to your purchases.

Lab7 reserves the right to adjust the ryos awarded to a customer. We will need to do this from time to time if the website mis-calculates the ryos which should have been awarded to a customer purchase. If in this circumstance Lab7 adjusts your ryos, you will be notified in writing of such an event.

Furthermore, Lab7 reserves the right to cancel Lab7 Ryos or cancel a redemption should the ryos have not been awarded correctly. Again, you will be notified in writing should this event arise.

Lab7 Ryos are not redeemable during sales.

Ryos cannot be used to purchase any online gift cards and will not be earned on gift card purchases.

Ryos must be used at checkout.

Only one Ryos redemption voucher can be used per order.

You can redeem your ryos in the View Cart page and at Checking Out.

Lastly, Lab7 reserves the right to change our Lab7 Ryos reward program at any time without notice.

Happy shopping and start sharing the news!

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